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Company Information

We provide super-precision technology in the field of manufacturing proto-type and integrated production.

Uncompromising Quality and Super-precision We are pursuing a coherent one-stop developing and manufacturing challenging products.

We always stay a step ahead and actualize customers challenging requirements in the field of aerospace, motorcycle and vehicle industries. We develop and manufacture super-precision products with our one-stop/quick delivery system.

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Company profile and history


From starting a business in 1970, we give a grand tour of Haradaseiki Kogyo

Management philosophy


We provide satisfaction and happiness to our customer through our super-precision technology.

Facilities and process equipment and process equipment

Facilities and process equipment and process equipment

We lineup super-precision process machineries to respond to our customer needs and expectation



Map and Address to our Head-Quarter

Haradaseiki Kogyo is always pursuing super-precision and Quality from developing to manufacturing proto-type and mass-produced product with our simultaneous 5-axis cutting machine and 3D CAD through our one-stop/quick delivery system.

TEL:053-436-7341 AM8:00 ~ 17:00 (Sat/Sun not available)

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